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Custom Orthotics in Surrey

What are orthotics?

Surrey Orthotics

We have many variations to choose from.

Orthotics are shoe inserts that are specifically designed to correct the biomechanical imbalances that are present in your foot and lower leg. They are custom-made at a laboratory to specifically fit your foot and correct the individual problems you present with. Most orthotics fit comfortably into most types of shoes.

What do they do?

The most common biomechanical imbalance they correct is ‘over-pronation’. This occurs when you have lost the arch on the inside of your foot, causing your foot and leg to rotate inwards. This is often not perceptible to the person with low arches, or “flat feet”, but can cause a host of problems with not only the foot but also the knees, pelvis, and low back, such as plantar fasciitis, patellar-femoral syndrome, low back pain, and Achilles tendonitis.

How much do they cost?

Our fee for orthotics is $400. This includes all examination fees and other costs.

Is the fee covered by my extended medical plan?

Most extended health plans do provide some reimbursement for custom-made orthotics. However, each individual health plan is different, and it is recommended that you contact your provider to determine extent of coverage. Some plans require a referral from a medical doctor.

Are my orthotics guaranteed?

We do our best to ensure the highest quality orthotics are made for you. If you are experiencing problems with the way your new orthotics feel, we will return them to the lab for modification for as many times as is required. However, the orthotics are not guaranteed to correct your condition.

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