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First Visit at Family Chiropractic

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Expect your first visit to our office to take about 45-60 minutes. You will be greeted with a smile from the receptionist at the front desk, who will then give you some paperwork to fill out so that we can find how best to serve you.

In the treatment room, Dr. Starr will then talk with you to get some specific information about what is causing your problem, and will perform a thorough physical examination. During this time, she will explain everything she is looking for so that you can understand the process. She will be examining not only the location of your problem, but also other areas that may be related to this problem to find the underlying source of your pain. Once this is done, she will discuss the results and your diagnosis with you using charts and models, so that you understand fully what is going on. She will also go through treatment options, which are tailored to best suit each patient’s needs and limitations.

Finally, usually on the first visit, Dr. Starr will also give a chiropractic treatment to provide some relief, after which she will discuss any home care instructions.

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